Episode 3: The Power of Discernment

This episode was birthed because of the coronavirus.. As we’ve been quarantined for 2 months now, some of our neighbors and I got together and started having some really heartfelt convos on what is real and what not to believe.

We talk about the difference between discernment and judgement. With so much misinformation going around, we have to develop the muscle of discernment and really attune to the resonance of the information that comes our way so that we can decide what is real and serves our purpose.

Today I am joined by the fellas: the one and only JD Mitra, my partner in shine, and a dear friend of ours, who is also our personal trainer, Mark Swartz aka Optimus Prime. Born and raised in the bronx, Mark grew up playing basketball all over the globe, then transitioned into one of New York City’s top celebrity personal trainer and nutritionist, changing the world one body at a time.

The intro song is by the one and only KRS ONE – another fellow bronx mate with this infamous voice by Blondie. This is a tribute to the boogie down Bronx… let’s rock on!

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