Episode 5: Tapping into our Inner Diosa

On this episode, we talk to Christina Gutierrez from Christineg.tv about understanding our vulnerabilities and struggles we experience as women. Christina shares her personal story having gone through physical and verbal abuse. She was able to transform that aching in her bones, the loneliness and fear into healing and self-discovery. As a psychotherapist, she’s focused on breaking the stigma behind being private with struggles and not being open about suffering to others. She shares her biggest takeaways.

In her book: “I am Diosa” she represents Latinas with a strong voice and gives an inside look of what healing really looks like. She provides a guide to overcoming, healing and transforming trauma at the root level so women can come back home to who they really are and who they were destined to become. Initiate your new beginnings, honor your ancestors and join the Diosa community! I’m so honored to share with you our first female guest who is making a huge impact in this world with her magick!


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