Episode 1: Secrets

In this episode we get real and raw… I figured the best way to start any journey is to share my secrets with you. Because it gives you a chance to get to know me in my no scripted playful way.

The purpose of starting with secrets is to illustrate the magick of somatic healing, that occurs when you share your secrets, especially those you hold shame or guilt around.. it begins to free you physically from that energetic hold secrets have in your body. All of our secrets are stored in our body.. and do this experience can be scary but it’s ultimately freeing.

This episode was so powerful for me that I may even do a second round with my partner. Let me know your thoughts and if you feel bold enough and ready to free yourself from any secrets you hold in your body, share your secrets with me at michelle@michellejeovanny.com and experience it for yourself when I share live in the second round.

I also share in the beginning that this episode was recorded before the quarantine and I really wanted to acknowledge that I stand with you all, knowing in my heart as I mourn the death of loved ones hit by this tragedy, I know in my heart we will rise and be better for this. So many people waking up and questioning but we’ll save that for another episode.

Please share and write a review so we can get this pod in all the hearts meant to listen.. that is my one ask if you got value from this episode.

Loving you,



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