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I remember growing up feeling completely misunderstood, feeling judged, very criticized for who I was. I was loud. I was always up to something, and so I grew up feeling like I needed to be someone else, like I needed to dim down my light in order for others to feel comfortable with who they were.

That created a lot of friction, a lot of static within me in learning to embrace and love those aspects of me that I learned from a very young age to judge and to resist. And in fact that is the same aspects that make me money today, to be able to hold space for people and call them forward with love and grace, but also to be that kick in the butt when they need me, to hold them accountable to their greatness. And so it is with so much love and honor that I present to you unfiltered.

Welcome to Unfiltered. This is Michelle Jeovanny, your host of the Unfiltered podcast, seeing feels that this is a bilingual podcast. We’re going to be doing episodes in English. We’re going to be doing episodes in Spanish, but I am stoked to be here with you and sharing in this way in a more permanent way.

This podcast represents the next phase of my business where I get to really up level and show up with consistency for you because you know what? I got really tired of hearing. A lot of the people repeat the same shit they hear in these workshops and in these podcasts like no, we get to speak from a space of embodiment, from actually living what we speak. And so this is my way of just being that digital interruption, that loving kicking deck, but where you get to get real with yourself. And so my intention with this podcast is that you leave utterly inspired and with a spark that has you take action that has you move forward with momentum, with clarity, with purpose and alignment and gets you so fired up to be the difference, to make the difference that only you can make.

We’re going to be talking about a lot of different things and it’s going to range from business mindset, lifestyle purpose, spirituality and all things we will, we’re going to be covering relationships, hello curriculum of life and we are going to be talking about money and how to live your purpose.

It’s soul authenticity and it is my duty and an obligation to just really create a space where you are completely untethered, where you are unfiltered and you just take away all of those limitations and the things that we’re taught when we were growing up about who we needed to be and how we needed to show up in order to experience love and we’re going to talk about all of that.

Welcome. I wanted to officially welcome you to unfiltered and thank you for being a part of this wave of the revolution makers of Changemakers because this, this base, this podcast is for the real ones.

It’s for the revolutionaries, the troublemakers, the rebels, the misfits, the ones who would dare to dream of the impossible and who set out and go forth to make and bring that change alive. I ask of you is that if in any podcast you get any value that you share it, that you tap because that’s how we create change when we actually come together and support one another.

Thank you again for being a part of this tribe, for being here, for getting curious and stay tuned for a beautiful, magical ride. I love you guys and I’ll see you in episode one and here’s to living our best lives. Now, stay real. Stay wild, my friends, and that’s life Unfiltered.


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